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The Pleasures of Peril. Rereading Anglophone Adventure Fiction

The Pleasures of Peril Cover Large

Adventure fiction often seems embarrassing. Sophisticated readers may dismiss it as juvenile indulgence, full of clichés, silly heroes, and cheap thrills, i.e., formulaic genre fiction which literary culture and academic discourse leave behind. And yet, this volume demonstrates, adventure has hever really left the scene. The pleasures of adventure tales may be perilous but carry on -- and are being carried, not just into adult life, but also into modern and contemporary literature where they serve, sometimes in secret but often rather openly, as forceful drives and forms to work with. This volume takes a decidedly literary interest focussing on the residues, rewritings and/or reappropriations of adventure tales in anglophone literature since their eighteenth-century heydays, through Victorian and modernist times up to present-day realisations in postmodern and postcolonial writing.

Herausgeber*innen: Tobias Döring und Martina Kübler

Beiträger*innen: Vid Stevanović, Enno Ruge, Ingo Berensmeyer, Susanne Reichl, Fabienne Imlinger, Annika McPherson, Stefanie Fricke, Ursula Kluwick, Gero Guttzeit, Jens Elze, Tobias Döring, Roger Lüdeke, Stefanie Lethbridge, Sylvia Mieszkowski, Martina Kübler